The ultimate performance monitoring system

Business Plan

Board meetings

Regular meetings to discuss your performance. Helping you to interpret the numbers and bounce ideas around, enabling you to walk away with focus and a clear plan of action.

Where did the money go?

Have you ever had a meeting with your accountant and they say “you’ve had a great year with really strong profits” Your first thought is well where is the money then? We’ll help you to understand the relationship between profits and cash (they’re not the same thing).

Goal review sessions

Sure you set goals every year, don’t you? Do you write them down? Do you share them with others? Do you monitor them regularly? Our goal review sessions range from a 30 minute chat through to an annual measurement and monitoring service.

Detailed trading analysis

This is so important but it’s amazing how many business owners don’t do this. The aim here is to really understand what makes you money! You may sell a range of different products or provide various different services but do you know exactly how profitable each of those products or services are? This service really breaks down your core activities and enables you to focus your efforts in the most profitable areas. 

What if?

When you carry out a “what-if” analysis amazing things can happy. This technique helped one business increase their bottom line profits by 790% in 12 months!

Profit improvement session

Understanding what drives profit in your business is crucial. We work with you, using your numbers to create a profit improvement plan.


Do you have a detailed budget for the next 12 months? A flexible budget can be a great tool to keep you on track towards your profit targets. We can help you to create and implement a budget giving you the ability to compare against actual income and expenditure.

Cash flow forecasts

You will be aware that lack of cash is the biggest killer of businesses. A good cash flow forecast can warn you of stormy times ahead, it’s a crucial tool if you’re growing and looking to obtain finance.

Systems review

Your systems are crucial and play a huge part in the growth and value of your business. We will look at your current processes and make recommendations for improvement.

Your personal balance sheet

How much are you worth? This key report provides an instant snapshot of your personal wealth – an important starting point for long-term legacy planning.


Do you ever wonder how you compare against your completion? We can show you how, using 19 key performance metrics.

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