Sometimes ~ Matters can be Taxing.

you keep focused on your business ~ we make sure you are not taxed with taxes.

Business Support

Financial information is the most vital management tool for any business and is usually in short supply. Often this is because of lack of time or resources and the challenge is how to overcome it. Many businesses outsource some or all of their accounting work. Sometimes it may be just bookkeeping, payroll or VAT, but often the preparation of management accounts, but this is really just a starting point to improving the performance of your business.

How can we help you improve the performance and profitability of your business?

We will identify key management information and indicators, tell you which products, services and customers are profitable – and more importantly which ones are not. We will help you identify where you can make efficiency savings and improve your turnaround times and how you can improve your working capital cycle so that you become less reliant on external financial sources – such as your bank.

Cars may come with Sat Nav but businesses don’t, so it’s important to know where your business is going. If you haven’t got a basic strategic plan for your businesses and budgets based on that plan, why not? Probably because you don’t have the time or resource.

Management Information and Accounts

Up to date, relevant and quickly produced management information allows you to make the right decisions. Our management accounts and information services include:
• Monthly or quarterly management accounts.
• Assessing and monitoring the cash flow requirements of the business.
• Reporting of key performance indicators that are the underlying drivers that run your business.
• Help with in-house systems for you to produce your own information.
• Training on how to get the most out of your information.
• Supplying management information to lenders.
• Branch/Divisional results.
• Actual performance compared to budget and/or comparative periods.
• Costing information, including break-even turnover levels.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning service helps you:
• Agree on long-term strategic goals both personally and for the business.
• Identify where you are now.
• Work ON the business so that you can spend less time working IN it.
• Identify the blocks in the strategy.
• Agree an operational strategy to overcome the blocks and meet those goals.
• Develop business growth systems.
• Grow a great team of people.
• Monitor your results against those goals.
• Manage the money in your business.
• Develop an exit strategy.
The result is an agreed ACTION PLAN.


We can help you fulfill this role and offer the following services:

• Registered office facilities.
• Maintenance of statutory registers.
• Submission of statutory documents.
• Giving notice of General Meetings.
• Drafting agendas for company meetings.
• Preparing Minutes of Meetings.
• Completion of share transfer forms.
• Preparation of share certificates.
• Carrying out company searches.
• Filing of Annual Return.
• Acting as Company Secretary.
• General Company Law advice.
• Advice on protection of minority interests.

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