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“Karl has not only given us a more efficient way of working but opened our minds up to learn and grow the business. I am very much looking forward to the coming years; working with GMR who I feel has become an extension of our business”.

Duncan CookDirector of Project-Tile Limited

“Karl and the staff at GMR are working with our business to help us grow and achieve our own goals. We always enjoy coming in for a brew and a catch up with Karl, and always leave with a clearer understanding of what we are doing and how to push further forward”.

Steve and Sally RooneyDirectors of Rooney Photography Ltd

“GMR Accountants will examine and analyse your business in order to save money and identify means of increasing your profit margins, allowing your business to grow year on year like mine has. If you’re not interested in growing your business and profits then GMR Accountants probably aren’t for you, BUT if you want a 5 star service which is tailored to your individual needs then you want GMR Accountants.“

Alex EatlyDirector of Liverpool and Southport Chiropractic Clinic

“It was so refreshing to meet an accountant who took the time to look at my business as a whole and understand how we work and want to hear about our goals and where we want to go. The service that GMR Accountants offer is unique.”

Mrs BirdBusiness Owner

“Karl has an innate commercial understanding of how businesses are run and managed which informs his work. I have found Karl decisive, pragmatic and personable and I would highly recommend him to other legal professionals and businesses.”

David CampionBarrister

“Karl has been by my side from the inception of my business. He helps me with the day to day financial side of the business but also acts as a sounding board when I want to run ideas past him. His advice over the last few years has been invaluable to the growth of my business.”

Dale GreenhalghDirector of D.G. Contracts

“We moved our accounts over to Karl at GMR Accountants only 12 months ago. What a difference. Karl sat us down and asked us where we wanted our business to be in the next five years. He then showed us with some simple numbers how those goals could be achieved, giving us a feeling of clarity and optimism. I am excited about the years ahead and knowing that Karl will be supporting and challenging us along the way I am confident our goals will be achieved.”

Daniel SmythDirector of SFX Tiling Contractors Limited

“I chose GMR Accountants in Southport just before I registered my company and the meetings I’ve had with my accountant at GMR – Karl Roberts – have been insightful and motivational. He has also written a book called “The Profit Compass” which he gives away FREE! It is a very easy read (considering it was written by an accountant and read by me) and has some great real-life examples of how companies have benefited by his insight. I’ve read twice and instigated some important business strategies described by Karl in his book including, just to note one very important example… knowing the difference between working ‘in’ and working ‘on’ your business and ensuring you treat each with the importance it deserves.

According to common myth, and, of course, er… Monty Python, ahem, accountants are boring. I suggest Karl, and GMR, break the stereotypical mould. I don’t have a good accountant, I have a Great accountant!”

Peter JonesDirector of Touching Blue Limited

“Karl has provided a first class service to our business. I have always found him to be extremely thorough, precise and knowledgeable and his attention to detail is a major strength of his.”

Peter FarnellDirector of MP Electronic Fire & Security Limited

“I have worked with Karl on a number of projects over the past few years. He is an innovative business person, obviously well educated in the accountancy sector, whilst being able to offer creative ideas to help businesses to prosper. A ‘snappy’ dresser with a good sense of humour too, sadly lacking in many people in the accountancy sector!!”

Phil Goldberg

“I have worked with Karl who has done my accounts for the past two years and found him to be very forward thinking and innovative.
All his recommendations are sound and very cost saving and as such have recommended Karl to several of my associates who have the same experience of working with Karl.
Excellent at his job, very personable and immediately puts you at ease and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my clients or associates.
If you want to save money in a friendly way then Karl is your man.”

Joseph TaylorDirector of Health & Safety Management & Training Ltd

“I’ve used GMR Accountants for a number of years, having their expertise embedded in my business goals has paid dividends, and they’ve helped me grow from 1 business into 3 businesses driving profit.”

Shaun BrownDirector of Dev Byte Limited

“After many years of just entering numbers and chasing a higher turnover it was GMR accountants and Karls book (the profit compass) that made me see my business in a whole new light, GMR are not just accountants but a friendly face at regular meetings offering in depth scenarios of how those numbers work for me and helps me make decisions on the best way to run my business.”

Rene MalletDirector, North West Express Ltd